Pat Mora

This is the author website of award winning poet and author of books for children, young adults and adults. She is proudly Chicana and many of her books are published bilingually. Her poetry often switches between English and Spanish within each poem. Mora is known for her many books, including, Marimba! Animales from A to Z, A Birthday Basket for Tia, Dona Flor, My Own True Name and Agua Santa/Holy Water.

This is a beautifully designed website with numerous features including biographical and bibliographical information about Mora, information on her appearances and upcoming works, a page about her books for adults and young adults, a page about her children’s books, a “Kid Fun” page for children and a page of resources for Librarians and Educators.

This is one of the better Chicana/o author sites I’ve seen. It is truly set apart by the extensive resources listed for librarians and educators. This site is strongly recommended for all teachers and librarians serving children, especially those interested in optimizing the service they provide to their Spanish speaking communities.

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Sandra Cisneros

 This is the official site of award winning and tremendously popular Chicana author Sandra Cisneros, best known for her books including: The House on Mango Street, Woman Hollering Creek,  and Caramelo.The site contains links to the usual biographical and bibliographic information. The site also links to articles, interviews, news and events, including scheduled appearances, about Cisneros.

The website is distinguished by its inclusion of study guides for book groups and classrooms studying Cisneros’s work, as well as links to the the foundations started by Cisneros, including The Macondo Foundation for budding writers, Los MacArturos for Latino/a recipients of MacArthur Foundation awards, and the Alfredo Cisneros del Moral Award, named for Cisneros’s father and awarded to Texas writers.

This site is an excellent resource for fans of Cisneros’s work, writers, librarians and teachers.

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Luis Alberto Urrea

Another author website, this time for 2005 Pulitzer Prize finalist, novelist Luis Albero Urrea. Urrea’s books, including Across the Wire and, most recently The Hummingbird’s Daughter have won numerous awards. The website contains extensive biographical information, a bibliography, Urrea’s frequently updated blog that tends to focus on issues of Chicano identity in the United States, and a calendar of events. There is a page devoted to Santa Teresita de Cabora, who constitutes the focus of his most recent novel.

There is an excellent “Etc.” page listing links to resources on human rights organizations concerned with border issues, and music, book, publishing and writing information that Urrea finds relevant.

This is a useful website for librarians doing readers advisory, fans of Urrea’s work, and readers and browsers interested in issues related to the Mexican/US border and immigration.

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Gary Soto

This is the official website of Chicano author Gary Soto. Soto is best know for his works for children and young adults, though he has also published a number of works of fiction and poetry for adults. His children’s books include Chato’s Kitchen and Baseball in April and his most notable book for adults is his 1995 New and Selected Poems. This website contains biographical and bibliographical information. There is a “Catalog” section where users can order his books. The catalog is organized by age group, allowing browsers to select from a number of categories.

There is also and FAQ, a “What’s Up” section with an excerpt from a work in progress, contact information and information for students and teachers.

The website is maintained by Soto and his publisher, Putnam House. It is worth visiting for readers of Soto’s work, students and teachers studying Soto and his work, and librarians who do reader’s advisory for children and young adults. This resource is especially useful to children’s librarians and teachers looking to expand their knowledge of children’s literature by and and about Hispanic Americans.

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Sandra Benitez

This is another excellent author page for Chicana novelist Sandra Benitez, who is best known for her sweeping novels, including Bitter Grounds, The Weight of All Things, and Night of the Radishes. Like most author websites this page includes biographical information, a list of Benitez’s books, and contact information, including information on how to request the author as a speaker. In addition to this basic information, this website sets itself apart by providing Book Group guides for each of Benitez’s novels, with discussion questions and links to background information about issues in the books.

Additionally, there are links to a variety of web resources related to Chicana writing, Mexico, Mexican Americans and reading and literacy in general.

This website is has a very personal feel and Sandra Benitez herself seems closely involved with its maintenance. I highly recommend the site to fans of Benitez’s writing, librarians, and especially book groups. The advice and resources for book group discussions of the novels make the site exceptional. Benitez writes on the site that she is sometimes able to attend book group meetings in person or via Internet or teleconferencing!

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Ana Castillo

This is the author website for the acclaimed Chicana writer Ana Castillo, whose works include So Far from God, Loverboys, and Peel My Love Like an Onion, among others. The site contains a biography, a comprehensive bibliography, a blog maintained by Castillo, audio and video clips of the author, interview transcriptions and a calendar of Castillo’s appearances.

The website is maintained by Castillo and her publicists and updated regularly. It should be of interest to Castillo’s fans and those who would like to know more about this prominent Chicana feminist writer and her work. Librarians and library professionals may find it useful for readers’ advisory recommendations, and assisting students who are studying Castillo’s work.

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