The Borderlands Encyclopedia

The Borderlands Encyclopediais a project of the University of Texas at El Paso, and while it doesn’t directly speak on topics of Chicana/o literature, I think it is worthy of inclusion as a background resource for readers and information professionals new to Chicano/a literature and culture. This website contains both text and audio files on a wide range of topics related to the U.S./Mexico border. The site states:

The goal of The Borderlands Encyclopedia is the design, development and implementation of a multimedia instructional resource on contemporary issues of the U.S.-Mexico border for broad-based distribution to other educational agencies utilizing the WWW and CD-ROM technologies.

 Information in the Encyclopedia is divided up according to the following categories: Culture & Media, Economics & Business, Education & Training, Family Life & Population Groups, Government & Politics, and Health & Environment. There are also links to a Spanish language version of the site, an overview of the Borderlands Encyclopedia project, and a list of related Centers & Resources.

This resource is useful to information professionals serving Chicana/o populations wishing to gain a better understanding of the issues that arise around the US/Mexico border.

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Las Culturas: Literature,com_weblinks/catid,143/Itemid,36/

The link takes visitors to the Las Culturas website, an excellent and frequently updated web portal and index of all things Chicana/o or Latin American in the United States. The link above goes specifically to the Literature page on the Las Culturas site, which is an excellent collection of weblinks related to Latin American literary online resources, including publishers, Hispanic literary magazines, poets’ groups, online book sites, biblotecas virtual (virtual libraries) and sites for Latin American writers and readers.

This index page is a good resource for librarians helping patrons find information about various aspects of the Latin American literary scene on the Web. The page is also recommended for readers and fans of Latin American writing looking for new ideas about what to read!

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Tomas Rivera Book Award

This is the website for the Tomas Rivera Book Award Project from Texas State University San Marcos. According to the website:

Texas State University College of Education developed the Tomas Rivera Mexican American Children’s Book Award to honor authors and illustrators who create literature that depicts the Mexican American experience. The award was established in 1995 and was named in honor of Dr. Tomas Rivera, a distinguished alumnus of Texas State University.

The award is directed by Dr. Jennifer Battle from TSU, and the award winner is chosen annually by a rotating committee including librarians, educators, researchers and writers. The site is maintained by TSU and the committee.

The website contains information about the award, award criteria and timeline, how to submit a book, people involved with the project, a list of past award winners, and video of past book award ceremonies and interviews with authors.

The most useful feature of this site is the list of past award winners, which will be a boon to librarians, parents and teachers interested in helping children select high quality literature with Mexican American themes. Librarians and teachers can also use this list as a selection tool for adding high quality literature to their collections.

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Barahona Center

This is the website of the Barahona Center for the Study of Books in Spanish for Children and Adolescents. The Center is an affiliate of California State University San Marcos. The content of the site is available in both English and Spanish. Visitors are asked to choose the language they prefer on the home page of the site. The site is maintained by the faculty and staff at the Barahona Center, all of whom are clearly credited. The Center’s Director is Dr. Isabel Schon, who has published a number of books on Spanish language children’s literature and serving Spanish speaking children and adolescents in libraries and classrooms. The site is sponsored by a number of publishers and media outlets including Scholastic, Inc. and the San Diego Union-Tribune.

The focus of this resource is on materials for children and teenagers. There is a list of Recommended books in Spanish, a list of Recommended books in English about Latinos, links to professional resources for librarians, educators and researchers, information about conferences and events at the center, a page on the Center’s “Reading Partners” program, a page with lists on related topics and a links page.

This website is an excellent resource for librarians working with children and young adults wishing to better serve their Spanish speaking constituencies.

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Chicano Literature Reading List

This is posted, electronic, pdf format document listing the recommended reading list for Ph.D students in Chicana/o Literature at the University of New Mexico. The nine page document was compiled by the faculty of the Chicano Studies program at UNM. It was lasted updated in 2003, but nevertheless provides a nearly exhaustive bibliography of significan Chicano literature in the categories of Narrative (novels, autobiography), poetry, drama, anthologies, literary criticism and bibliographies.

This list is an excellent first step for anyone desiring to become well versed in Chicano literature. It can be of use to readers of Chicana/o literature looking for “what to read next” suggestions, for educators seeking quality books for teaching and for librarians and library selectors needing guidance as to how to build their collections of Chicano literature and provide readers’ advisory.

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IFLA EnglishSpanish Dictionary & Thesaurus

This website contains a searchable English to Spanish and Spanish to English dictionary, a bilingual glossary of terms frequently used by IFLA, the International Federation of Library Association, and a soon-to-come bilingual thesaurus. The site was created and maintained by Granada University in Spain. The Dictionary is a general dictionary which places a stated emphasis on “library science, librarianship and library terminology.” There is also a link to a page with Spanish and English translation of significant IFLA documents.

The dictionary performed very well in several test searches.

This is an excellent reference resource for librarians interested in better serving the library needs of their Spanish-speaking patrons. It is also handy for readers of Chicano literature who need help with a Spanish word here and there.

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Border Book Festival: leer es vivir…to read is to live

This is the website for the Border Book Festival held each year in Mesilla, New Mexico. The slogan for the festival is leer es vivir…to read is to live. The site describes the festival:

The Border Book Festival, Inc., (BBF) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization founded in 1995 by a group of writers, artists and community people committed to celebrating literature and the art of story in the southern United States–Northern México border region. We began as the Border Book Festival, what we imagined then would be a one-day book fair. Since then we have grown into a major literary festival, founder of The Cultural Center de Mesilla. We believe that literature and the arts can bridge the many boundaries–racial, ethnic, generational, cultural, socio-economic, and gender-based–that divide our community. Ours is a grass roots organization that impacts its community by offering programs that are blueprints of positive communication, interaction and connection between people in our borderland region.

The lively, colorful website is regularly updated and maintained by volunteers and organizers from Border Book Festival, Inc. It contains links to information about past and upcoming festivals, the community, writers and artists, the history of the festival, books for sale, how to help and contact information for the festival. There is also lots of information about literary and artistic events in the area.

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Mexican and Latin American Literature: Selected Sources

This website is a pathfinder designed by Laura M. Boyer, a librarian at California State University, Stanislas. Though the site is designed by a librarian from a specific school, most of the resources listed are web-based and useful for all researchers and readers. Resources are divided into categories that include: Mexican Literature, Indigenous Literature, Latin American Literature, Individual Authors and Electronic Journals.

This website can be useful to students studying Latin American Literature and teachers and librarians wishing to become familiar with some of the resources available to them.

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Reforma: The National Association to Promote Library Services to Latinos and the Spanish Speaking

This is the website for Reforma, the Latino and Spanish Speaking Library caucus. Reforma describes itself as:

Established in 1971 as an affiliate of the American Library Association (ALA), REFORMA has actively sought to promote the development of library collections to include Spanish-language and Latino oriented materials; the recruitment of more bilingual and bicultural library professionals and support staff; the development of library services and programs that meet the needs of the Latino community; the establishment of a national information and support network among individuals who share our goals; the education of the U.S. Latino population in regards to the availability and types of library services; and lobbying efforts to preserve existing library resource centers serving the interests of Latinos.

The Reforma website has links to professional information for librarians and others who serve Spanish speakers in US libraries. There are additional links to pages about various initiatives of the organization, including Mentoring, Dia de los Ninos/Dia de los Libros, the prestigious Pura Belpre children’s book award, a Reforma scholarship, and the ReformaNet listserv.

This website is a significant professional resource for library and information professionals whose jobs and personal convictions motivate them to help connect Spanish speakers in the United States with the best possible library service.

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Palabra: A magazine of Chicano & Latino Literary Art

This is the website for the Palabra: A magazine of Chicano & Latino Literary Art. Palabra is a relatively new magazine that began publication in 2006. As of November 2007, 2 issues have been published, and the magazine is actively seeking submissions for future issues. The website describes the magazine like this:

“Its purpose is to provide a portal for new threads of pensamiento, language and story, to reach from the past and present and dive headlong into the future of Chicano & Latino writing—to push it, stretch it, keep it fresh, vibrant, honest and at the thumping edge of literary creativity and innovation.”

The website provides an About page, as page giving directions for authors wishing to submit work, and links to the two issues published so far.

This resource is valuable to librarians, writers and educators involved in Chicano literature, and those involved with helping readers and aspiring writers. It helps all information professionals stay in touch with current trends and upcoming writers.

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