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The link takes visitors to the Las Culturas website, an excellent and frequently updated web portal and index of all things Chicana/o or Latin American in the United States. The link above goes specifically to the Literature page on the Las Culturas site, which is an excellent collection of weblinks related to Latin American literary online resources, including publishers, Hispanic literary magazines, poets’ groups, online book sites, biblotecas virtual (virtual libraries) and sites for Latin American writers and readers.

This index page is a good resource for librarians helping patrons find information about various aspects of the Latin American literary scene on the Web. The page is also recommended for readers and fans of Latin American writing looking for new ideas about what to read!

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Chicano Literature Reading List

This is posted, electronic, pdf format document listing the recommended reading list for Ph.D students in Chicana/o Literature at the University of New Mexico. The nine page document was compiled by the faculty of the Chicano Studies program at UNM. It was lasted updated in 2003, but nevertheless provides a nearly exhaustive bibliography of significan Chicano literature in the categories of Narrative (novels, autobiography), poetry, drama, anthologies, literary criticism and bibliographies.

This list is an excellent first step for anyone desiring to become well versed in Chicano literature. It can be of use to readers of Chicana/o literature looking for “what to read next” suggestions, for educators seeking quality books for teaching and for librarians and library selectors needing guidance as to how to build their collections of Chicano literature and provide readers’ advisory.

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Palabra: A magazine of Chicano & Latino Literary Art

This is the website for the Palabra: A magazine of Chicano & Latino Literary Art. Palabra is a relatively new magazine that began publication in 2006. As of November 2007, 2 issues have been published, and the magazine is actively seeking submissions for future issues. The website describes the magazine like this:

“Its purpose is to provide a portal for new threads of pensamiento, language and story, to reach from the past and present and dive headlong into the future of Chicano & Latino writing—to push it, stretch it, keep it fresh, vibrant, honest and at the thumping edge of literary creativity and innovation.”

The website provides an About page, as page giving directions for authors wishing to submit work, and links to the two issues published so far.

This resource is valuable to librarians, writers and educators involved in Chicano literature, and those involved with helping readers and aspiring writers. It helps all information professionals stay in touch with current trends and upcoming writers.

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Latino Stories

The Latino Storieswebsite describes itself as “The credible source for Latino Literature.” It is compiled by John S. Christie, Ph.D and Jose B. Gonzales, Ph.D, both respected scholars, who co-edited a book on Latino literature called Latino Boom: An anthology of US Latino Literature.  Christie and Gonzales state that the website is for: “Students conducting research on Latino literature, faculty who have incorporated Latino Boom into their classrooms and readers who are eager to learn more about literature written by the largest minority group in the U.S.”

The website contains list of resources divided into the following categories: Latino Statistics & Facts, Latino Literature Resources, Latin American Statistics, Best Latino Works, and Latin American Literature Resources. Under each of these headings there are a number of excellent pages expertly compiled and updated by the authors.

This website is an invaluable, professionally executed resource. Christie and Gonzalez did an excellent job identifying part of their potential audience, but librarians will find this resource incredibly helpful for readers’ advisory, selection and reference work.

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La Bloga

La Bloga is one of the liveliest, best and most current resources available on everything pertaining to Chicana/o literature today. In 2006 La Bloga won the “Best Blog” award from Los Angeles’s Tu Ciudad magazine. The blog describes it’s scope as: “Chicano Literature, Chicano Writers, Chicano Fiction, Children’s Literature, News, Views & Reviews. [También de Chicanas.]”

La Bloga’scontributors, though their credentials are not listed, are amazingly knowledgeable and articulate about the subjects they cover. Writers from many cities across the U.S. and “Aztlan” contribute to the blog. Posts are always current, entertaining and informative. The blog also features links to an enormous number of Chicano authors’ websites and other blogs on the topic of Chicano literature.

I strongly recommend this blog to anyone with an interest in contemporary literature in the United States, but especially to anyone at all wishing to learn more about the Chicano literary scene. Librarians and teachers will want to take special note of this blog for making recommendations to readers and students.

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